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Wei Hu (Cathayan importer, Fortetsa Hebo)

Location:Fortetsa Hebo, the Promised Land, the Children of T'Mor


  • Sharp, clever, suspicious of good deals, a proper merchant


  • Short, elderly Cathayan human woman with an accent that gets thicker when she gets irritated, or just doesn't want to deal with someone
  • Her full Name is Jianbua Wei Hu, but she guards her family Name and only gives it out to those she trusts.
  • Her Cathayan accent gets stronger when she doesn't like someone or wants them to go away or just doesn't want to deal with the situation. She speaks Throalic better than she usually lets on.


  • Merchant adept of the House of Jian Wen, the Traders in Wisdom (although the Name is better translated as Refined Literati)
  • Tarron owns a 40% stake in her shop in Fortetsa Hebo
  • Aunt once removed of Lu-shan


  • Charassa 21, 1512: Bortar hunts for a dealer for a while. He's finally directed to Wei Hu, the old woman in the back alley. Wei Hu asks for 29%, after Bortar uses a Haggle and destroys her protective charm. Bortar will get back to her.
  • Rua 1, 1512: Bortar goes to see Wei Hu, the Cathayan goods dealer. She wants 40% commission. Some of the stuff will be hard to move. She wants a vase, a lacquered trunk, a set of silk robes, a bamboo paper painting, and a jade carving of a dragon. The robes are of yellow silk, embroidered with chrysanthemums in gold thread, and set with seed pearls. Bortar agrees to deliver the items, in return for her charging a 15% commission.
  • Rua 1, 1512: Bortar goes and gets the items. He weaves a temporary thread to the dragon statue, getting something's attention. Dropping the thread, he takes the items to Wei Hu. She's unhappy that Bortar poked at the dragon statue. She takes the catalog and says she will find a buyer and send a runner.
  • Rua 16, 1512: Bortar is awakened by his kids playing in the hall outside his door. He goes to see Wei Hu. She's gotten a box of dishes in, not terribly expensive but nice, and is putting them up on a display shelf. She hasn't got a buyer yet.
  • Rua 22, 1512: The Cathayan merchant, Wei Hu, has a buyer for a large part of Bortar's furniture. The total offer is 22,000 silver, of which Bortar will receive 18,700, and the merchant 3,300. The furniture is the easy part. The artwork will be more difficult to move. Be patient.
  • Rua 26, 1512: Bortar goes to see Wei Hu. He tells her about getting the furniture packed up. She says to send a runner when it's ready.
  • Mawag 2, 1512: Bortar, on departure, takes two messenger kids with him. He writes a letter to Wei Hu, saying that he has to leave town and he doesn't know when he's coming back, and another to the illuminator, saying that he has to postpone the party, sorry for the short notice. He pays the kids each five silver. He would go to see Rukhara, but her tribe left three days ago for the Scythan crusade.
  • Gahmil 19, 1512: Tarron goes to see Wei Hu. He wants to buy into her business. She says okay, but no more than 30%. She holds the controlling interest. He invites her to the Prophet's villa for dinner. She will have to figure out exactly how much her business is worth – not that she doesn't already have a pretty good idea.
  • Gahmil 19, 1512: Wei Hu comes to dinner. She wears robes in light blue and green silk. She brings a bottle of Cathayan wine. She sets a lotus blossom afloat in the impluvium as an offering to the household gods. A share of her business will run Tarron 75,000 silvers. For that, he will get 30% of the profits, and expected to put in 30% of the cost of acquisitions. Wei Hu will figure the balance on a monthly basis, to be paid on the first.
  • Gahmil 20, 1512: Tarron goes to see Wei Hu. They close the deal.
  • Gahmil 21, 1512: Tarron goes by the Windling House and spends some time with his family, has mado'yeh there and goes from there to Wei Hu's in full dress for the meeting.
  • Gahmil 21, 1512: Tarron shows up at Wei Hu's a day early.
  • Gahmil 21, 1512: Perduto will meet Tarron at Wei Hu's after the business meeting tomorrow.
  • Gahmil 22, 1512: Just after mado'yeh, Tarron has an appointment with Wei Hu to meet a buyer, Sukhebaatar, a representative of Jurgaghan, the Khan of Tserendjav, one of the northern states of the Khaganate. Tarron's cut will be 900 silver. Bortar's cut is 17,000 from the sale of his stuff. Wei Hu gets 2100. Tarron sends a light sprite to Perduto, who in turn sends a light sprite to Vannin.
  • Raquas 12, 1512: Tarron writes a letter to Wei Hu asking for her advice.
  • Raquas 13, 1512: Wei Hu sends a letter to Tarron telling him that with family it's better to go with net, so that if they see hard times, you're not going to be leaning on them too hard. However, go for 10% if you take net.
  • Teayu 17, 1512: Kostya starts with the library at the Temple, and from there to Wei Hu's shop. She has a book that will tell him about the Ministry of the Air, but she wants 10,000 silver for it. I do favor for Prophet. I no do favor for you in name of Prophet. You bring Prophet here, I do favor for him. Now you get out, you waste my time.
  • Teayu 18, 1512: Kostya goes to see Wei Hu. She's busy doing a fortune-telling ritual with an elderly dwarf. Kostya browses. After the divination is done, he speaks with Wei Hu about trade possibilities. She is interested in tea. She gives him a list of seven teas that will be very hard to obtain. He goes back to the villa and writes a letter to his father. He takes it to the docks and finds a ship leaving for Urupa, and pays 10 silver to have the letter delivered. He stops at a dockside tavern and ask if anyone knows where to find a nethermancer. Doesn't go well. He gets ordered out. He tries a scrungier place. No good there either, they just laugh. He gets back to the villa in a grumpy mood.
  • Teayu 19, 1512: Kostya buys a hand mirror, then goes looking for tea. He does not find any of the ones on Wei Hu's list.
  • Borrum 1, 1512: Kostya, between end of meditation and dinner, takes a rubbing of the runes on the arrow and the inscription on the box, writes down the Name of the arrow and a few lines of the story, then takes those and the storybook and goes to Wei Hu's store. She does not like Fang-hua. Bad family. She tells Kostya about how Li-xue shot Xiao-xian in the back with Cheng Tang, partially because Li-xue's lover drowned in Xiao-xian's river, partly because of the war between Water and Air. Li-xue was broken into many pieces by the Ministry of the Air and given to Water to hide away in many places. Cheng Tang was held by Water, as an item of power against Air. Cheng Tang disappeared. Water accused Air of stealing it. Air accused Water of lying about it being missing. Other ministries stepped in and told them to quit fighting, one war was enough. Li-xue's lover came back from the dead and is looking for Cheng Tang, because she can use it to find and reassemble Li-xue.
  • Borrum 1, 1512: Tarron's income: Wei Hu, 220; Windling House, 140. Slow month.
  • Borrum 14, 1512: Kostya goes to the Temple of Astendar to ask about finding the Rus musicians. At this hour, Alexi and Mikhail can probably be found at the Gilded Badger, having breakfast. He is told about rusalkas, and advised to find a salt mine. He goes to see Wei Hu. She does not want to see him. She has no answers for him.
  • Borrum 15, 1512: Post mado'yeh, when people are awake again, Kostya meditates on Missile Weapons. Morta bathes, then spends some serious time cleaning his armor and boots and stuff. Tarron does a karma ritual, then collects coin from the city and the Windling House and Wei Hu. The Windling House has 520 silver, slow two months, but Wei Hu has 83,000. She sold a large portion of Bortar's collection. Tarron goes to the city treasury with a draft from Wei Hu, takes part of it in gold, then takes another draft to a moneychanger by the Strangers' Gate and gets the rest in air and fire coins. Nashera re-reads the report she filed with Iopos, to make sure she didn't give away any of the Prophet's secrets.
  • Borrum 18, 1512: Kostya takes the tea to Wei Hu. She is satisfied with it, and tells him to go find next one. Wei Hu says that in Cathayan, Hsiu-Feng's type of undead is called a Kela Pünkang. Wei Hu has a book about the Ministries. She is willing to have a scribe come to her shop and make a copy of it. Kostya goes to the Temple and hires a scribe, at 2sp per completed page.
  • Doddul 4, 1512: Tarron goes to see Wei Hu about a lotus blossom. She gives him a potted lotus plant with one bloom.
  • Doddul 28, 1512: Tarron sends a light sprite to the Temple and asks for Wei Hu to be brought. More discussion on the scale of the possible results.
  • Doddul 28, 1512: Wei Hu arrives. She has a small scroll with Hsiu-feng's Name on it.
  • Doddul 28, 1512: Big argument between Wei Hu and Vannin. Wei Hu is angry that Vannin was rude to Hsiu-feng.
  • Doddul 28, 1512: Negotiations do not go well initially, partly because of Vannin's really bad reaction to Hsiu-feng's basic nature. She is greatly offended by Vannin's continuing to treat her like a monster. That issue gets set aside to try to sort out the issue of Cheng Tang. When Morta points out the basic conflict between faith in the court of heaven and Hsiu-feng's going against the judgment of the court to put her lover back together, she seriously loses it, shouting that she is worthy, she is not a small thing, she is a woman and the judgment was unjust, and her wrath draws heavily on the world. Vannin, Tordek, Srin, Wei Hu fall down. Tarron, Kasbak, Torana are badly drained and groggy. Everyone else is tired and slowed. Hsiu-feng jumps up, shocked, and runs for the border.
  • Doddul 28, 1512: Tarron tries to wake up Wei Hu. He dribbles a little Mountain's Blood in her mouth. She coughs, and chokes on it, aspirating the whiskey. Perduto turns her over and whacks her on the back with his tail, clearing her choking fit.
  • Doddul 29, 1512: The people at the healing hall (Vannin, Tarron, Bortar, Torana, Tordek, Srin, Wei Hu) awaken, to find Lamara and Avedis waiting with fresh clothing, and Adlyrn waiting with a lot of worry. Adlyrn wants an explanation. She gets a very sketchy one. She will go back to the villa and see how things are going there.Wei Hu is unhappy. She tells Vannin that he brought wine instead of tea. Tea is for talking. Wine is for closing deals. Vannin sent the wrong message. After Vannin blows her off again, Wei Hu leaves.
  • Doddul 29, 1512: Tarron agrees on returning Cheng Tang to the Court of Heaven. He volunteers to go to Wei Hu for navigational charts, and the protocol to deal with the Court of Heaven. However, an apology from Vannin might be necessary. Vannin isn't thrilled about that idea, especially since Wei Hu probably won't apologize to him.
  • Strassa 1, 1513: Tarron and Euthymius have coordinated their plans. They bring in Adlyrn and Perduto and Arethia to set up the invitation list. Written instructions with the list are sent to an illuminator to have the invitations done and delivered. This requires an all nighter and costs Tarron 450 silver. Tarron then goes booze shopping. Adlyrn provides names of brewers and distillers and vintners and importers who can supply the booze. He also buys a case of leather bottles from Crenda Varagian, pint flask size tooled with riverbank scenes, thirty of them for 5 silver each. He sells Tarron four cases of assorted booze for 500 silver, and two bottles of T'kambras Private Reserve spiced vinlo for 75 silver each. A couple more stops and Tarron spends another 700 silver on assorted booze. Tarron picks up his profits from Wei Hu (990) and the Windling House (520).
  • Strassa 3, 1513: Tarron does a karma ritual, then goes off with Vannin and Mirenien to go shopping. They head out to Ritaleya's to start with, looking at fabric for nethermancer's robes. Ritaleya has a bolt of 300 thread count cotton in deep green that just came in, that's only 85 silver a yard. For Mirenien, Ritaleya has three bolts of fabric that would make good robes, one a bright peach, one a turquoise that's a bit on the greenish / muddy side, and one that's a pale sky blue. Mirenien likes the fabric but doesn't like any of the colors. Ritaleya doesn't have a true purple in the cotton, but she does have a dark indigo. Seryozha Dovlatian, the mercer on the South Road, has heavier fabrics, but Vannin says he wants brushed silk. Tarron sends a light sprite to Wei Hu asking for brushed silk. Wei Hu says come on over.
  • Strassa 3, 1513: Vannin, Tarron, and Mirenien go to Wei Hu's shop. She's just opening it when they arrive. They sit, have tea, eat veggie dumplings. The first bolt of silk is deep red, which is not Mirenien's color. The second is bright blue with cranes. That's a maybe. The third is a dark purple, like an aubergine. Mirenien likes the third. Let's look one more place, and if I don't find something there I like better, we come back and get the purple. Wei Hu gives Tarron a list of items she's after and contact Names. She's had it ready for two weeks.
  • Strassa 3, 1513: The fabric at Wei Hu's is 45 inches wide. Vannin buys six yards, so that he has enough to turn under a large hem, to let it out as Mirenien grows. Total cost: 720 silvers.
  • Strassa 4, 1512: Tarron sends a light sprite to Wei Hu, informing her of the delegation. She tells him be very, very polite. Dress in your best. Be very formal. Don't touch them unless they offer a hand. Tea service and a canopy to meet under would be a good idea. No fancy hairstyles. If you have any jade, wear it.
  • Strassa 4, 1512: Mado'yeh at the villa. Vannin is a bit later getting to the table because he puts away his own horse. T'Mor shows up, and is very unsure about this. He can't sense anything about the Cathayans – there's some sort of very old type of magic cloaking them. He had to manifest to be able to see them. Ueda points out to Vannin that Guo-liang is an officer of the court, and in Throal, such a person wouldn't offer anything for Cheng Tang – it would be a law abiding subject's duty to turn over evidence to the court. Ueda will use her document box to dump a Book Recall of Guo-liang's papers to parchment. Tarron can then take that copy to Wei Hu. The root question remains, is Guo-liang legit? If so, give him Cheng Tang and be shut of it. Perduto astral shifts to the Comfy Chair to get Palontul. Discussion of trying to get reconnaissance of the Cathayan group without being detected. Going to be really hard. Several spells might make it harder to spot an overflight, either physically or astrally. Palontul says that Cathayan humans don't come in green. This guy is either infernal, divine, or draconic. In all three of those cases, you really don't want to offend him. Ueda brings out the papers, and gives them to Palontul to read. Morta conjures a Glamour of Guo-liang. No way he's human. He's too tall, too thin. Mirenien says he didn't sweat, despite drinking tea on a hot day.
  • Strassa 4, 1512: Tarron takes the document copies to Wei Hu. She tries to teach him how to use chopsticks, with a pair of ivory toothpicks. Wei Hu worries about a blue person in the group with the green one. She says that either he's a demon, or he's worse than a demon. She tells Tarron about the Cathayan creation, the Dark Warrior, and the yen'hi'ji. This person is either yen'hi'ji, divine, or infernal, but in any of those cases, he's not Court of Heaven, and is bad news.
  • Strassa 4, 1513: In the atrium, Vannin and Tarron, having finished checking the household, meet up with Kasbak and Ilvosh coming in through the Door, and Bortar and his obsidiman trio coming in from the front hall. Vannin and Ilvosh will go out to the farm and see to Konjos. The rest will go to the War Room. Tarron informs Vannin of what Wei Hu said about Guo-liang, that his documents were useful only as toilet paper, that he is a demon or something worse, that he should be avoided, and if he's seen again, shoot him from a distance.
  • Strassa 8, 1513: Tarron makes plans to go through his hoard, organize it, and pull out small valuable items for trade goods for the Cathay trip. He wants to take Timbre with him for it, as even though she doesn't have the Evaluate Talent yet, she would be useful in moving stuff around. Ueda will send Vanko along to act as clerk and research go-fer. Bortar could go along as well, since, as a Weaponsmith, he could give estimates on the value of weapons and such. Might also take Wei Hu, as she knows what will sell in Cathay. Perduto suggests Silent Vanishing for help evaluating Denairastas' hoard. They might already have a list of the more interesting items.
  • Strassa 15, 1513: A messenger arrives at the villa from Wei Hu, with the list of contacts and purchases she had promised to Tarron.
  • Strassa 16, 1513: Mirenien reminds Tarron that everybody is at the table, and now might be a good time to share. Tarron discusses the information he got from Wei Hu.
  • Strassa 17, 1513: Kasbak goes to Wei Hu's shop with the idea of buying jade. She serves him a cup of Twenty Fortunes Tea for his having made Seventh Circle, which relieves all the little aches and pains that come with daily life. Wei Hu tells Kasbak to buy jade close to Cathay, not here, as he'll get a better price closer to the source. She recommends he buy colorful gems, rubies and emeralds and sapphires, windling spices (with recipes), and amber.
  • Veltom 1, 1513: Tarron's income: Wei Hu, 920; the Windling House, 630; Jazeps Pendareva, the Throalic stationer, 375. Currently on deposit with Overland.
  • Charassa 1, 1513: Tarron's income: Wei Hu 524; the Windling House 1159; Jazeps Pendareva, the Throalic stationer, 520 (he picked up a contract for supplying a minor trading house)
  • Rua 1, 1513: Tarron's income: Wei Hu, 258; the Windling House, 596; Jazeps Pendareva, the Throalic stationer, 1567 – he picked up a large commission from the magistrate's office, which hopefully will lead to more such
  • Rua 22, 1513: Mirenien gets a message back from Fortetsa Hebo. Wei Hu verifies that Lu-shan is her nephew, and she did send him a letter of introduction.
  • Mawag 1, 1513: Tarron's income: Wei Hu, 126 (slow month); the Windling House, 949; Jazeps Pendareva, the Throalic stationer, 884
  • Mawag 16, 1513: Kasbak and Master Chan go to the Mages' Collegium. They're given a translator necklace, which Master Chan puts on. Taska Vetra comes downstairs to meet them. She takes Kasbak and Master Chan to her office, where they are joined by Master Fridon, Master Ginara, and Hovhannes of the scriptorium. They work out a deal where the Mages' Collegium will own the shop and the papermaking workshop, and provide security for the facilities. Kasbak will get a discount on the finished goods. Details are worked out on location and supply requirements for the workshop. Master Chan will work out the deal with the paper makers back in Cathay to bring a few of their people to the Promised Land. Taska takes Kasbak and Master Chan to look at possible shop locations. Wei Hu will be brought in to help with the contract, which will have to be written in both Throalic and Cathayan, and conform to the laws of both Cathay and the Promised Land. Kasbak leaves two letters with Hovhannes, along with the blank books for copying, allowing the scriptorium to charge his Overland account for the copying (80 silver per book) and the delivery to Omasu and Gengeta (estimated at thirty silver per book).
  • Gahmil 1, 1513: Tarron's income: Wei Hu, 421; the Windling House, 555; Jazeps Pendareva, the Throalic stationer, 684
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