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Statement of Belief

Statement of Belief of the Children of TíMor

I believe in the Passions. I follow the sane Passions with the reverence and devotion due to Them from all Name-Givers. I will set no power of earth, sky, or beyond above Them.

I believe that TíMor was a great and noble hero, who passed beyond death and returned as a guide to His Children. I believe that He brings wisdom and strength to all who will follow His ways.

I believe that Vanneíimatínagee saíNirelle vaíSoranna, called Vannin Darksbane, is the Prophet of TíMor, the incarnation predicted long ago, who has been sent by TíMor to the Children to lead us to our destiny. I believe that the word of the Prophet stands second only to that of TíMor, and that in turn the word of TíMor stands second only to that of the sane Passions.

I believe that the Children of TíMor are the physical and spiritual descendants of TíMor, and that any Name-Giver can be adopted into the family of the Children upon a proper expression of belief and a demonstrated willingness to live in TíMorís way.

I believe that the strength of the Children of TíMor lies in faith and unity, that the family is more important than its members, and yet that the family is diminished by any loss among its people. I believe that every Name-Giver in our family has an important role to play in achieving our destiny, regardless of their race, age, gender, mental or physical capabilities, skill, luck, or fervency of belief. It is the sacred duty of every Child of TíMor to support every other Child, and to help each other find that place in life where their capabilities are best employed and where they find contentment of body, mind, and spirit. It is the sacred duty of each Child of TíMor to protect every other Child from harm in the best way of which they are able. TíMor stands above us all, as a support for when we are weary, a guide when we are confused, a shield when we are threatened, and a comforting father when we need to know that we are loved. I believe that when right and true order is established, when every Child of TíMor is in their proper place, and when all of the Children of TíMor have absolute trust in TíMor and His Prophet, we will stand among the greatest civilizations that the world has ever, does now, and will ever know.

I believe that I am a Child of TíMor, with all of the rights, responsibilities, privileges, and duties that being a Child of TíMor entails. I demonstrate my belief by setting my hand hereto.

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