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House Rules for This Campaign

  1. Disciplines
    1. The titles of Master and Warden are reversed, as it makes more sense for the Warden to be the guide of the Discipline and the Master to immediately follow the Journeyman. Thus, the progression is this: 1, Novice; 2-4, Apprentice; 5-8, Journeyman; 9-12, Master; 13-15, Warden.
    2. The Seeker, as published in B'jados #1, is valid for our Earthdawn universe.
    3. The Cathayan Sailor Discipline uses the same Talent structure as the t'skrang racial Discipline of the Boatman, but is open to all races.
    4. While it is possible to meditate twice on a Talent in one day, or meditate on two Talents in one day, nothing else can be accomplished by the adept on that day, and this cannot be done two days in a row.
  2. Combat and Damage
    1. When an adept takes damage past their Death Rating, if they have any Recovery Tests remaining, one fires off automatically. This represents the ability of heroes to take what should be lethal damage, and get back up still fighting.
  3. Special Rulings
    1. The Lightbearer healing abilities specify that they can be used three times per day. After consideration, and following the example of Recovery Tests, these do not recharge at midnight, but rather after a night's rest or the equivalent.
    2. Two techniques have been developed in-game that modify the Astral Shift ability of Lightbearers.
      1. The Kushnir Method bleeds off some of the strain into the interface between physical and astral space. Learning this requires substantial training, like a Talent Knack. Once learned, the Strain for an Astral Shift is reduced to one point for the person shifting, plus one point per additional person carried.
      2. Step-and-target allows the Lightbearer to step into astral space, make an Astral Shift test to locate a target, then make a second Astral Shift test to arrive at the target. The target must be a Name-giver personally known to the Lightbearer, or other place or thing with a True Name and thus a definitive pattern that can be located from within astral space. The target cannot be behind any form of shielding, or anything that would obscure its astral presence. This technique also requires substantial training.
    3. Lightbearers, and potential Lightbearers, cannot receive Enduring Art tattoos. This is blood magic that augments ability, and is forbidden by the Lightbearer oath. Someone with an Enduring Art tattoo who wanted to swear in as a Lightbearer would have to have the tattoo removed first.
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