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Grimoire: Illusionism

First Circle

Second Circle

What's That Smell?

Duration:Rank rounds
Casting Difficulty:Target's Spell Defense

Target is Harried by a distracting, peculiar odor for the duration. Disbelief Test is against the Effect result. To cast, the magician holds his nose and points in any random direction while looking at the target.

Third Circle

Fourth Circle

Fifth Circle


Duration:One round
Casting Difficulty:Spell Defense of the Illusionist who created the Glamour. If the Glamour was created by the same Illusionist who is casting this spell, the Spell Defense is effectively 2.

The Illusionist places a sheet of parchment, fabric, or paper underneath a Glamour, then pours a bottle of ink over the top of the Glamour image. The image runs down onto the parchment with the ink, and is reproduced in black and white. Excess ink vanishes at the end of the spell effect. If the Glamour is a moving image, a snapshot is taken of the image's state at the moment the ink was poured. Originally created by an Illusionist for architectural work, creating an image of the proposed building with a Glamour and then producing a two-dimensional drawing from the image.

Sixth Circle

Seventh Circle

Eighth Circle

Ninth Circle

Tenth Circle

Eleventh Circle

Twelfth Circle

Thirteenth Circle

Fourteenth Circle

Fifteenth Circle

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