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Grimoire: Elementalism

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All The Rain At Once
Threads: 8, one woven per hour
Range: Up to one mile, restricted to line of sight; the caster must be able to see the target during the entirety of the ritual
Effect: Special
Casting Difficulty: Target's Spell Defense plus 0.1% of the population count (see below)
Weaving Difficulty: 28/51
Duration: Special, see below
Ritual spell. The Elementalist must spend eight hours weaving the threads, during which time a storm gathers over the target, of obvious unnatural origin. The Casting Difficulty is the Spell Defense of the place, whether a plain, a mountain, a city, a fortress, or whatever the Elementalist wants to utterly destroy. The current population count is divided by 1000, rounded down, and the result is added to the Casting Difficulty. At the culmination of the ritual, the Elementalist makes the Spellcasting test. If successful, all of the water in the storm is immediately gathered into a single sphere and dropped onto the target. The drop requires two combat rounds for the water to fall from sky to earth, which gives the Elementalist (and anyone still in the target zone) that much time to flee to minimum safe distance. Their survival is unlikely. The impact causes total devastation from the target point to a distance of Rank miles. Everything down to bedrock is pulverized and churned into mud. Do not bother rolling dice. If it was on the ground in the impact zone, it's gone. The splash wave acts as a tsunami, reaching a distance of Rank times 2 miles beyond the impact zone in all directions, causing massive destruction. What the water does not destroy, the shockwave will flatten. For game purposes, assume an Attack Step of 100 and a Damage Step of 150 from the edge of the impact zone, dropping by 10 and 15 every ten percent of the distance. Flash floods can be expected for another Rank times 5 miles downstream in every watercourse, valley, and lowland. The impact zone suffers multiple lightning strikes due to the abrupt drying of the air mass, and the inrush of surrounding air to replace the falling water. Use the Lightning Bolt spell statistics and assume a 30% chance of anything in the impact zone being struck. Being able to fly may not save you.

Fifteenth Circle

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