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Songs from the Campaigns

This page lists titles and descriptions of noteworthy songs from the game world. None of them have been actually written as of yet. Volunteers with musical talent are sought.

The Prophet's Lovers
A light-hearted, somewhat scurrilous ballad about all the Name-givers that Vannin Darksbane, Prophet of T'Mor, has ostensibly bedded. Some of the verses are decidedly fanciful. Vannin finds the song amusing.
Let the Children Come to Me
Commissioned by Ueda, this song is a quiet hymn, celebrating T'Mor's adoption of the Gifted and His willingness to take in children (and adults) in need of a home and family. The song was taught to a number of minstrels and Questors of Garlen to ensure that it spread.
Send for the Cloaks of Red
A stirring, vigorous song about the Redcloaks, the Promised Land Special Forces units (distinguished by their brilliant scarlet cloaks and the red feathers in their hats), and their adventures in the areas around the Promised Land. Originally from Urupa, the song has spread quickly, especially among those who have been helped by the Redcloaks. The song tells of a few noteworthy adventures of the Redcloaks, and suggests situations in which they could be called. Makes a good tune to rouse up an audience.
Battle of the Jagaro Mine
A ballad by Da-xia about how the Bearers killed one of the great Horrors of the Desert of Swallowed Tears in the Jagaro Mine at Saiwusuzhen.
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