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(Dictionary of Names)

Trade Surnames

As surnames became necessary due to the Norman habit of re-using personal names, the trade by which one earned a living became important as a means of identification. The meanings are generally self-evident, with words usually taken from French (Grosvenor - hunter) or Latin (Aurifaber - goldsmith). Some sources are less obvious than others: Bacchus - bakehouse, Kellogg - kill-hog, Plummer - leadworker. An '-s' ending indicated 'son of' while an 's' or 'x' added to some names would indicate that the original bearer was female (Webster not Webber, Brewster not Brewer).

Abbott Aguilar Alderman
Ambler Archer Arkwright
Armer Armour Arrowsmith
Ashburner Ashman Aurifaber
Ayler Bacchus Bachelor
Backer Bacon Bailey
Baker Ballester Balmer
Banister Bannerman Barber
Barker Baron Barrell
Barter Baxter Bayliss
Beamer Bean Beeman
Bellringer Belt Berryman
Bessemer Bishop Bisp
Blacker Blaker Blaxter
Blecher Bloom Bloomer
Boatswain Boatwright Bond
Bookbinder Booker Boorman
Boot Boote Boothman
Botwright Boucher Boulter
Bourchier Bowerman Bowler
Bowmaker Bowman Bowring
Bowyer Boyter Brasher
Brasseur Brayer Brazier
Brewer Brewster Bridgeman
Bridger Bridle Brownsmith
Buckler Buckman Bulger
Bullinger Bulmer Burgess
Burl Burle Burman
Bushell Buss Butcher
Butler Butner Butters
Buttery Button Cake
Cakebread Calverd Camp
Cann Cannel Cannell
Canter Caperon Capon
Capper Card Carder
Carpenter Carter Cartwright
Carver Catchpole Cater
Century Chafer Chaffer
Chalker Challender Challenger
Challinor Chalmers Chamberlain
Chambers Chancellor Chandler
Chaplin Chapman Chase
Chaucer Chauncellor Chaundler
Cheator Cheese Cheeseman
Cheesewright Chenevix Clarges
Clark Clarke Cleaver
Clerk Clothier Cloutman
Coke Collier Colthard
Coltman Conner Constable
Cook Cooke Cooper
Copestake Coppersmith Corden
Cordiner Cordwainer Corker
Costner Cotter Cotterill
Cottier Cotton Couch
Coucher Couchman Coulthard
Coultman Counter Courtiour
Cowper Coxetter Cribb
Crocker Croker Cropper
Crowther Crozier Cryer
Culpepper Cuss Cutter
Dance Dancer Day
Dayman Daymond Deacon
Deathridge Demmer Dempster
Dethewright Dexter Digweed
Diver Draper Drapper
Drawer Dray Dring
Driver Dyer Earl
Earle Ewer Faber
Falconar Falconer Falder
Falkner Farman Farmer
Farrar Farrier Faulkner
Fearon Feather Feaver
Femister Fender Fennell
Ferrier Fewster Fewtrell
Fiddler Fielder Filer
Finesilver Fisher Fisk
Fiske Fitter Flann
Flanner Flaxman Flesher
Fletcher Flinter Floater
Flower Footman Foreman
Forest Forester Forestier
Forster Fournier Fowler
Franklin Frankling Franklyn
Frater Freebody Freeland
Freeman Frere Freshwater
Frobisher Fuller Furber
Furminger Galley Galpin
Gard Gardiner Gardner
Garland Garlic Garlicke
Garnet Garnett Gaylor
Gilder Gilroy Ginger
Girdler Glaisher Glass
Glover Goatman Goldsmith
Gossard Grainger Grave
Gravenor Greensmith Grieve
Groom Groser Grosvenor
Grunsell Guild Hacker
Hansard Harper Hawker
Hayward Hensman Herd
Hewer Hine Hollier
Hollister Hooper Hopper
Horder Hornblower Horner
Hotter Hucker Hunt
Hunter Husband Hussey
Inman Iremonger Jagger
Jenner Joiner Judge
Keech Kellogg Kember
Kemp Kempe Kempster
Kew Kilner Kiss
Kisser Knight Labbett
Ladel Ladell Lander
Langcake Larbalestier Larner
Latimer Latter Lavender
Lawman Le Mare Le Patourel
Le Sueur Leach Leadbeater
Leadbetter Leadbitter Leaker
Leaper Leather Lecomber
Ledbetter Leech Legate
Limer Lister Loader
Lockhart Locksmith Lockyear
Lodder Lorimer Lusher
Luther Lymburner Machin
Maidman Malter Mangall
Mangold Marbler Marchant
Mariner Marker Marler
Marner Marshall Mason
Massinger Masters Mather
Mayer Mercer Merchant
Messenger Mew Meystre
Miller Millman Mills
Milner Minter Molyneaux
Monger Monk Mower
Moyne Mulliner Mustard
Mutter Naismith Napier
Napper Naylor Neate
Needler Nunn Nurse
Offer Officer Osler
Ostler Ostridge Otter
Oxnard Oyler Packer
Page Paget Paige
Painter Pakeman Pallister
Palmer Paniers Panter
Panther Pape Pardner
Pargeter Parker Parkman
Parmenter Paroissien Parson
Parsons Partner Patten
Pattern Pearl Pearman
Pease Peever Pegler
Pelter Pepper Peppercorn
Perrier Pestell Pester
Petcher Peutherer Physick
Pilcher Pillinger Pinder
Pinn Piper Pitman
Plater Player Pledger
Plowman Plowright Plum
Plumer Plummer Porcher
Porter Pothecary Potter
Pottinger Poulter Priest
Prince Prior Procter
Provost Punter Purser
Purves Quaif Quaife
Quarrell Quarry Quilter
Raper Rastel Rastell
Ratter Reader Redman
Reeve Renner Restler
Retter Rider Ridler
Rimmer Ringer Ripper
Roadnight Roller Roope
Roper Rover Rower
Rozier Runciman Rutter
Rymer Sacker Sadler
Sailer Salter Sanger
Sangster Sapper Sargent
Sawyer Sayer Scrimgeor
Scrimgeour Scrimshaw Scullion
Scutt Seaman Secker
Sedgman Sellar Sellars
Senior Service Sevier
Sewer Sexton Seyler
Sharman Sheather Shepherd
Sheriff Shingler Ship
Shipman Shipwright Shoesmith
Shooter Shopper Shutler
Shuttle Sievewright Sievwright
Silk Silver Silversmith
Simister Singer Sixsmith
Sizer Skinner Slater
Slaymaker Slipper Sloper
Smith Smither Smithers
Snider Sniders Soper
Spence Spencer Spender
Spice Spicer Spier
Spindler Spooner Spurrier
Squier Squiers Squires
Stainer Steadman Stearman
Steel Steele Steward
Stocker Stockfish Storer
Stringer Sucksmith Summer
Sumner Surgeon Sutler
Swingler Tabberner Taberer
Tanner Taper Tapper
Tasker Taverner Taylor
Teacher Tector Tennant
Thatcher Thaxter Theaker
Thew Threader Thresher
Thrower Tiller Tillman
Timberman Tinker Tinkler
Tisser Tisserand Todhunter
Toller Tolman Toner
Tozer Tranter Trenchard
Trencher Tricker Trinder
Tripe Trippe Tripper
Trist Trouncer Trumper
Tubman Tucker Tuckerman
Tumman Tunnah Tunnard
Tupper Turner Tyler
Ulman Usher Vavasour
Vavasseur Veck Veil
Vender Venner Verrier
Vicar Vicars Vickers
Vickery Vinter Voller
Wafer Wager Waggoner
Waghorn Waghorne Wagstaff
Wagstaffe Wain Waine
Wainman Wainwright Wait
Waite Wakeman Walker
Waller Want Ward
Warde Warden Warman
Warner Warrender Warrener
Washer Watchman Waterer
Waterman Wax Waxman
Weather Weaver Webb
Webbe Webber Webster
Wheeler Wheelwright Whistler
Whitbread Whitcher Whiter
Whitesmith Whittier Wicker
Wildsmith Woodger Woodman
Woodward Woodyer Wooler
Wooller Woolman Workman
Wort Wright Wrighte
Yeoman Younghusband  

This collection of names was compiled by Kate Monk and is ©1997, Kate Monk.

Copies may be made for personal use only.

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