Kate Monk's Onomastikon

(Dictionary of Names)

Surnames from Old English

Although some Old English or Anglo-Saxon personal names are still in use in modern times, they are more commonly retained as surnames. This indicates that the use of Saxon names had continued for some time after the Norman conquest as hereditary surnames did not become fixed until the C15th and C16th. Some have returned to personal name use through the practice of using surnames as first names.

Adlard Alflatt Allnatt
Allwright Almer Almond
Alred Alston Alvar
Alvey Alwin Ammon
Arbon Ashwin Averay
Aylward Aylwin Azo
Badrick Baldey Balding
Balman Balston Bedloe
Brightmore Brunger Brunker
Brunwin Burchard Burrage
Burward Cobbald Cutteridge
Darwin Dearman Dewdney
Eastman Eddols Eddy
Ellwood Elphee Elsegood
Elsey Elvey Elward
Erwin Freegard Freelove
Frewer Frewin Gladman
Gladwin Godbert Godhold
Godwin Goldbard Goldburg
Goldhawk Goldwin Gomer
Goodliffe Goodwin Gumbold
Gummer Halding Hulbert
Isgar Kenward Kenway
Kerrich Kinsey Lambrick
Leaves Leavey Leavins
Leavold Lemmer Lewin
Lilleyman Litwin Lovegod
Loveguard Medwin Milborrow
Ordway Orrick Osmer
Othen Outridge Quenell
Redway Seavers Sherrard
Siggers Sirett Stannard
Stidolph Trumble Utteridge
Wackrill Walwin Wennell
Whatman Whittard Wilmer
Winbolt Winbow Winmer
Winney Wolnoth Wolsey
Woolgar Wyard Wyberg
Wyman Wymer Yonwin

Adlard noble-hard Alflatt elf/noble-beauty Allnatt noble-daring
Almer noble-famous Alvar elf-army Alwin noble/old-friend
Averay elf-counsel Aylwin noble-friend Badrick battle-friend
Baldey bold-combat Balman bold-protector Balston bold-stone
Bedloe command-love Brightmore fair-famous Brunger brown-spear
Brunwin brown-friend Burchard fortress-hard Burrage fortress- powerful
Burward fortress-guard Cobbald famous-bold Cutteridge famous-ruler
Darwin dear-friend Eastman grace-protection Eddols prosperity-wolf
Eddy prosperity-war Ellwood elf-ruler Elphee elf-war
Elsegood temple-god Elsey elf-victory Elvey elf-war
Erwin boar-friend Frewer free-shelter Frewin free-friend
Gladwin glad-friend Godwin good-friend Goldbard gold/bright-beard
Goldburg gold-fortress Goldhawk gold-hawk Goldwin gold-friend
Goodliffe good/God-dear Goodwin good/God-friend Gummer good/battle-famous
Hulbert gracious-bright Kenward bold/royal-guardian Kenway bold/royal-war
Kerrich family-ruler Lambrick land-bright Leavey beloved-warrior
Leavold beloved/power-ruler Lemmer people/dear-famous Lewin beloved-friend
Lilleyman little-man Litwin bright-friend Lovegod beloved-god
Loveguard beloved-spear Milborrow mild-fortress Ordway spear-warrior
Orrick spear-powerful Osmer god-fame Outridge dawn-powerful
Quenell woman-war Redway counsel-warrior Seavers sea-passage
Siggers victory-spear Stidolph hard-wolf Trumble strong-bold
Wennell joy-war Whatman brave-man Whittard elf-brave
Wilmer will-famous Winbolt friend-bold Winbow friend-bold
Winmer friend-famous Winney friend-battle Woolgar wolf-spear
Wyman war-protection Yonwin young-friend Youngmay young-servant

This collection of names was compiled by Kate Monk and is ©1997, Kate Monk.

Copies may be made for personal use only.

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