Kate Monk's Onomastikon

(Dictionary of Names)


One of the largest categories of English surnames is that of placenames - the name of a farm, village, town, county or country used to identify someone who originated there. As these can be found in any atlas they are not listed here. The following names are general ones that could indicate which part of a village one lived in or what feature was nearby. Most of these are self-explanatory but often those that look like a placename with the -am ending coming from -ham are actually ending in the Old English dative plural which would come after a lost preposition meaning 'at' or 'of'.

A'court Acum Adeane
Adrain Agate Agutter
Aldren Allaun Applegarth
Applegate Applin Armitage
Arram Ashmead Attenborough
Atterbury Atthill Attley
Attridge Attwell Attwick
Attwood Atwater Atyeo
Bail Bampfylde Banfield
Banker Bankes Banks
Barrow Barry Bencroft
Biddick Biddulph Binks
Binns Bolam Bollom
Boosey Bootham Bowley
Bradnam Bratcher Bridge
Brook Brooker Bullpen
Byrom Bysouth Bythesea
Bytheway Bywater Bywood
Capel Castle Chalk
Chapel Chappel Churchfield
Cottam Court Dale
Damerall Damerell Dash
Dashwood De La Bere De La Haye
De La Mere De La Rue Delafield
Delbridge Deller Denman
Dubois East Fell
Fenner Fielder Fielding
Flasher Flashman Flatman
Ford Forder Gardham
Gatehouse Greaves Grover
Hall Haslam Hatcher
Hayes Headlam Hilder
Hillam Hinton Holman
Hotham Jardine Kelham
Kirk Kirke Lakeman
Lascelles Lea Legh
Leigh Litham Marlow
Marshman Mayland Meadows
Meares Mottram Nash
Nayland Newnham Newsham
Noad North Oade
Peller Pitman Pitter
Pole Poles Pond
Port Pound Radnage
Ridges Roke Rowe
Sands Scorer Seales
Shedder Shields Slader
Sloman South Sowman
Statham Stather Stickler
Stokes Streeter Toner
Topper Towers Townsend
Troake Underhill Underwood
Vale Vine Waller
Welham Welles Wellman
West Whitney Wicken
Wicker Willen Willows
Wood Woods Wylam

This collection of names was compiled by Kate Monk and is ©1997, Kate Monk.

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