Kate Monk's Onomastikon

(Dictionary of Names)

English Rulers


Monarch Reign Lineage Spouse
William I (the Conqueror) 1066-1087 defeated Harold II at Hastings Duke of Normandy Matilda d Baldwin V of Flanders
William II (Rufus) 1087-1100 3rd son of William I dnm
Henry I (Beauclerc) 1100-35 4th son of William I 1 Matilda of Scotland
2 Adelicia of Louvaine
Stephen, Count of Flanders 1135-54 Son of Adela, daughter of William I Matilda of Boulogne


Henry II 'Curtmantle' 1154-89 Son of Matilda, d of Henry I + Geoffrey Count of Anjou Eleanor of Aquitaine
Henry the Young King 1170-83 2nd son of Henry II Margaret d Louis VII of France
Richard I 'Coeur de Lion' (Lionheart) 1189-99 3rd son of Henry II Berengaria of Navarre
John 1199-1216 5th son of Henry II 1 Isabella dau Robert Earl of Gloucester
2 Isabella of Angouleme
Henry III 1216-72 Son of John Eleanor of Provence
Edward I (Hammer of Scots) 1272-1307 Son of Henry III 1 Eleanora of Castile
2 Marguerite of France
Edward II (1st Prince Wales) 1307 dep. 1327 4th son of Edward I Isabella of France
Edward III 1327-77 Son of Edward II Philippa of Hainault
Edward the Black Prince D 1376 Eldest son of Edward III Joan of Kent
Richard II 1377 dep. 1399 2nd son of Edward, the Black Prince 1 Anne of Bohemia sister of Wenceslas
2 Isabella of France


Henry IV 1399-1413 Son of John of Gaunt and gs of Edward III 1 Mary de Bohun d Earl of Hereford
2 Joan of Navarre
Henry V 1413-22 Son of Henry IV Catherine de Valois d Charles VI of France
Henry VI 1422 dep. 1461 Son of Henry V Margaret d Rene Count of Anjou


Edward IV 1461-83 s Richard, D.York, gs Ed III 1 Eleanor Butler
2 Elizabeth Woodville
Edward V 1483 s Ed IV by illegal marriage to EW -
Richard III 1483-5 brother of Edward IV Anne Neville d Warwick the Kingmaker


Henry VII 1485-1509 defeated Richard III at Bosworth Earl of Richmond, desc John of Gaunt Elizabeth of York, d. Ed. IV
Henry VIII 1509-47 Son of Henry VII 1. Katherine of Aragon
2. Anne Boleyn
3. Jane Seymour
4. Anne of Cleves
5. Catherine Howard
6. Catherine Parr
Edward VI 1547-1553 Son of Henry VIII + 3 -
Lady Jane Grey 1553 (9 Day Queen) Grandaughter of Mary, sister of Henry VIII Guildford Dudley
Mary I 1553-8 Daughter of Henry VIII + 1 Philip of Spain
Elizabeth I 1558-1603 Daughter of Henry VIII + 2 -


James I (VI of Scots) 1603-25 son of Mary, Queen of Scots + Lord Darnley ggs of Henry VII Anne of Denmark
Charles I 1625 beh. 1649 son of James I Henrietta Maria d Henry IV of France

Commonwealth (Declared 16 May 1649)

Oliver Cromwell, Lord Protector 1653-8    
Richard Cromwell, Lord Protector 1658-9 son of Oliver  

Stuart* Restoration

*This spelling seems to have been more fashionable by this period.

Charles II (the Merry Monarch) 1660-85 son of Charles I Catherine of Braganza, d John IV of Portugal
James II (VII of Scotland) 1685 dep. 1688 son of Charles I Anne Hyde d Earl of Clarendon
Interregnum 1688-9    
William III
+ Mary II
Prince of Orange (gs Charles I)
daughter of James II
Anne 1702-14 daughter of James II George of Denmark


George I 1714-27 Elector of Hanover, great-grandson of James I Sophia Dorothea of Zell/Celle
George II 1727-60 son of George I Caroline of Brandenburg-Ansbach
Frederick Lewis, Prince of Wales died 1751 son of George II Augusta of Saxe Gotha
George III 1760-1820 son of Frederick Charlotte Sophia of Mecklenburg Strelitz
George IV 1820-30 Son of George III Caroline of Brunswick
William IV 1830-7 3rd son of George III # Dorothea Jordan
1 Adelaide of Saxe-Meinigen
Victoria 1837-1901 Daughter of Edward of Kent, son of George III Albert of Saxe-Coburg + Gotha


Edward VII 1901-10 son of Victoria and Albert Alexandra of Denmark


George V 1910-36 2nd son of Edward VII Mary of Teck
Edward VIII 1936 abd. son of George V Wallis Simpson
George VI 1936-52 2nd son of George V Elizabeth Bowes Lyon
Elizabeth II 1952- daughter of George VI Philip of Greece, Duke of Edinburgh
Charles, Prince of Wales b 1948 son of Elizabeth II Diana Spencer
William b 1982 son of Charles  

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